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For more than three decades, Ace Iron Works has been a well-respected and highly sought-after creator and designer of custom iron works (such as creative and secure iron railings, iron gates, iron fences and more in Redmond, Washington and its surrounding areas. Ace Iron Works focuses on commercial and residential clients.

About The Owner


About the Owner

My name is James Athan, owner of Ace Iron Works. My friends call me "The Greek". I have been a Seattle native since 1965. My roots are Greek, and I grew up in the restaurant business with my family. Ever since I was a kid, my father tried to encourage me into the restaurant business.

I realized at a young age, that was not what I wanted having watched my father work 7 days most weeks and long hours.

From a young age, I loved building and creating things.

In 1992, my best friend (Clint) gave me the idea to start an ornamental iron shop, and the rest is history!

The iron works business enabled me to build and create long-lasting beauty and value.


Jim and his daughter, Celine.


Jim, age 4, with his grandfather, Demetris

In 1995/1998 and 2001, we were hand-picked to fabricate interior iron railings for the Street of Dreams. In 2010, my business was chosen to build the Iron Fence at the Pacific Science Center at the front of the Space Needle. Also, in 2018, we were hand-picked to build the iron fencing around the two Koi ponds at Seattle Historical Volunteer Park.

Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of creating and building thousands of iron projects for residential and commercial customers, and met tons of great people from all walks of life.

My father taught me at a young age that life is what you make, and the customer is always right (even when they're not) LOL!


Ace Iron Works is my passion, and one of the best feelings in life is to know you worked hard for what you have been given and to make people happy.

For any reason at all, call me directly at (206) 679-3678 or text anytime, 7 days a week!

Best, James "The Greek" Athan

Jim's pride and joy; his daughter, Celine, in Athens, Greece.


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